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Game Changers

We understand our client's talent needs are more critical than ever. You need "Game Changers" employees that can make a difference and impact the bottom line immediately. The market is flooded with applicants, retreads and masses of good but not always outstanding talent. We understand the challenges for talent and this helps ensure that we continue to cultivate and nurture relationships with the right and often hidden, key talent in our industry. We stay informed on key developments and products and challenges in our industry and are ready to answer our client's needs.

As a leading provider of talent we understand that your Jobs are not slots and picking the right candidates is more than who has the best resume. By engaging with our clients and candidates directly at trade shows and industry functions, we create connections that make the difference. It is important to note that because we do take the time to understand our client's business strategy and culture, we know the skills as well as the intangibles that a position will require. We worked hard to develop our relationships and our trusted position as the talent provider of choice with selected companies in the select industries within our focus.

Titles we find


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What industries / job functions do you recruit for?

Our team has recruiting experience in almost every major industry. While our primary focus has been Commercial Interiors we will consider all inquiries. We are comfortable recruiting management, sales, executive and technical positions at all levels. We have recruited heavily in Architecture, Engineering, Construction as well as many other fields.

Why should we choose Comprehensive Search?

?Our clients are some of the most discriminating and demanding companies in the world, and the repeat business they provide is a testament to the quality of our service and talent delivered. We have successfully completed search projects with many of the top names in the industry. Also when you engage Comprehensive Search you essentially get two firms for the price of one. Our association with the McSweeney Group provides an superior advantage that no one else in the industry can match.

What is the typical fee for your services?

Our fees are typically a percentage of the first year's total compensation. For more information, contact us regarding the specific position you are looking to fill.

Do I have to work with Comprehensive Search exclusively? What if I identify a candidate on my own?

You are not obligated to work with us exclusively. You may wish to continue your efforts of identifying candidates on your own. Those that you do identify on your own can be excluded from the search agreement.

We do recommend that you choose one search firm to work with. There are many reasons for this, but the most important is that it will eliminate any duplication of recruiting effort and hesitancy on the part of candidates in the marketplace. Engaging more than one search firm becomes self-defeating. Once a search firm contacts an individual who has already been contacted by another firm, that search firm loses focus and interest. It then becomes a race to deliver candidates to the client first and thorough recruiting techniques are abandoned. Also, candidates who are contacted by two or three search firms tend to question the company's approach to filling the position. The promotional impact of the message being delivered is lessened, and they do not know which search firm will best serve them.

What is the difference between a Retained and a Contingent Search?

The obvious difference is when you pay; contingent fees are paid after a hire, retainer fees are due at the beginning of the search. Beyond that though there are numerous differences. The retainer option is used primarily when a position must be filled within a specific period of time or the hiring criteria will result in a very small pool of potential candidates. Retained search provides several advantages and each candidate is presented to you on an exclusive basis.

A Contingency search may be suggested when Comprehensive Search and the client have agreed on terms and conditions ahead of time and payment is due upon the candidate’s start date. The majority of the fee is due only upon the hire of one of our candidates.

How long does it take Comprehensive Search to identify and submit candidates?

Usually, within two weeks. After a thorough review of the candidates that we already know about, we begin the process of developing new candidates and then to cold call recruiting. We often source from your competitors, similar companies and related associations. We contact those more passive candidates that may not be actively looking to make a change. In many cases, they are the best candidates. They are not forced to make a change and are the ones focused on doing a good job for their current employer. No matter what the source all our candidates are thoroughly screened over multiple conversations. Qualified and interested candidates are then presented for you to review.

Why should I use a recruiter? Couldn't I simply post an ad and wait for the candidates to come to me?

We call that "Post & Pray" and yes it can be successful and if average talent is all you need that may be a good first step. You engage a firm like ours for several reasons; a.) Industry Expertise - we understand what you need and where to go find them. b.) Ability to find the passive candidate, the true rainmaker talent - they aren't looking at job ads. c) honest feedback - are your expectations on target, your comp package realistic, etc. d.) speed - The recruiting process is always faster through a search professional who is continually tapped into the talent marketplace than one having to start the process from scratch. For every day that a key opening remains unfilled, a company’s other employees must grudgingly do double duty. And this does not factor in the sales opportunities or competitive advantages lost because that position remains unfilled.