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    Search Services

    Global employee search and recruitment.

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    Contract Staffing

    Professional level talent on part-time or interim assignments.

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    CS Guardian

    Candidate skills testing and background checks.

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    Recruitment Ads

    Creative job opening campaigns to aid your internal recruitment.

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    Leads Service

    Get the inside view of what projects are planned..

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    Graphic, Web and Mobile design services

Multiple Service Options

The first step in all our engagements is to listen. We are experts at bringing the passion for your brand to the customer.

Our services are based around partnering with you to develop creative pieces that will amaze you and still keep your budget intact.

Employee Alternatives
Strategic Staffing From time to time all of us need a certain type of professional talent on staff, for a single project or to quickly step into a staff vacancy. We locate the talent you need and they perform your job for as long as the need exists. Talented individuals doing the work you need but employed by Comprehensive Search. We offer long term/part-time people with the skills required of most exempt positions. We handle the locating, hiring, paying, and insurance of these people while in total compliance with all IRS, federal and state regulations. Skill Positions Professional Contract Positions Working Interview: Try a qualified candidate before you make a long-term commitment to hire. We can provide: Consultants, in Read more
Custom Services

Our Contract Staffing team can provide a tailored workforce management solution for you. Our Account Manager will work with you to develop a solution that matches your need and fits your budget.

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Contracted Staffing Options

An alternative to hiring traditional employees, temporary contractors or independent representatives. Our Working Solutions contract service combines the ease of contracting with many of the management controls of having employees. This strategic approach allows you to quickly have the necessary talent you need and allows you to focus on your true company objectives. We offer several different programs to meet your needs and options on each to help make it a custom fit. Since 1983 we have been matching great talent with our world class clients to achieve outstanding results. 


1. Allows you to concentrate on Core Competencies.
2. Gain access to world class talent via our industry contacts and proven recruiting strengths.
3. Matches specific talent with specific needs; pay for the task not the person.
4. The perfect answer to a less than 40 hour per week need.
5. Hiring Freeze? Often our services are paid from marketing or advertising budgets, not HR.

Standard Services

We have 4 standard contract staffing solutions to meet your needs. For marketing where direct face-to-face representation is best we recommend you look into our MarketPros service. If your needs are normally handled by independent reps we suggest you look into our Agent Alternatives programs. For short-term or occasional needs our On|Demand service can help with sales, marketing or other specific project skills.  For adding a specific (non-marketing or sales) skill to your in-house staff our Employee Alternatives may be the solution you seek. We will gladly put together a custom solutions for you as well.


The Human Element

We realized the industry and brands we serve really benefit from an in-person direct marketing approach. Due to economic necessity many company's scaled back on field marketing and there market shares have suffered. While many alternative marketing efforts are hard-pressed to gain the attention of the target customer, our field teams achieve success by communicating your brand message face-to-face at that critical point where specifiers are ready to commit or shoppers are ready to buy. In addition, our teams gather invaluable market feedback and competitive information, which enables us to provide actionable intelligence that will help you develop, adjust and deploy your brand strategy.

Real Value

Our clients realize an enormous savings by paying only for the task that is needed. We  are often able to eliminated 40% to 70% of the associated cost and expenses of operating a traditional field force. At the same time we routinely provide equal or better talent to do the job. Our clients are always amazed at the impressive backgrounds our workforce have. Over the years we have learned to locate and entice world-class talent  for part-time assignments at below market rates. These are not "feet on the street" staffers, they are industry veterans usually equal or above what you would hire yourself as employees.

Extend your reach

With our focus on emerging and top markets and specific business critical locations we can provide brand building talent at the critical point where customer decisions are made. Our On-Demand field marketing program allows you be agile enough to respond. to whatever and wherever the market needs are.  Having a national go-to-market strategy that literally cost you nothing until your customer is actively engaged can make your brand an immediate force .