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What is your

An employer brand is something many companies don’t pay much attention to, but should. It’s what employees and potential employees see, feel or think when they consider working for you. In fact, employer brands are so important that Staffing.org’s Job Seekers and Employees Annual Reports have reported that 40% of candidates care most about an employer’s brand, culture and values when looking for a job. If that sounds to you like your employee prospects are judging a book by it's cover, then you're right.

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Tips on writing and publishing better job ads

Compelling Ad Copy
Don't judge your copy by your own standards or interests. Remember, you're not applying - you're enticing. Remember, copy is where the real selling gets done, so be specific; don't get sloppy or wordy, but
do tell the features and sell the benefits.

Recruitment Advertising

We are "Results Driven""

At the heart of Recruitment Ads success is a tradition of delivering outstanding, result-producing recruitment advertising solutions for countless happy clients. We’d be glad to deliver the same results to you.

If your company needs to communicate the value of your careers to potential – and even current – employees, we can expertly help you craft that message. We get our best results by going beyond the methods you have grown accustomed to. We communicate with people and capture their attention and imagination. We inspire them to see themselves and your company as a perfect match.

Our recruitment advertising capabilities include:

  • Interactive and online recruitment advertising
  • Social Media
  • College recruiting
  • Job Fairs
  • Mobile, video, radio and television
  • Print advertising
  • Printed marketing collateral

Do your job postings do this?

A poorly written recruitment advertisement often leads to receiving too many applicants which leads to far too much time spent on sifting through resumes and interviewing candidates who aren’t actually qualified. An ineffective ad can also lead qualified employee prospects to pass over your opportunity because the basic information needed to peak their interest wasn’t included. All of this results in an ineffective use of valuable time. In addition, in the case of the long, over-written advertisement, you have paid for advertising space that was not necessary to effectively communicate your needs. The main goal of any position posting should be to tell job seekers why they should work for you rather than your competition.

8 things your recruitment ad must do:

Talk directly to the desired candidate

Create interest in the position that draws the candidate to read on

Build a desire to say, "That sounds great," or "This job sounds like me," or "I must know

Convince the candidate that if they have the specific criteria to excel at this job, they
should apply and spell out their criteria in detail

Offer tangible benefits of the job and explain why working for the company will be a step
up or interesting

Explain vital conditions and wages or salary range plus expected outcomes or standards

Incite action and make application easy

Position the company in a positive and professional way